Milnerton Canoe Club

Milnerton Canoe Club


Welcome to the online home of Milnerton Canoe Club the oldest canoe club in the Western Cape and one of the most well-represented canoe clubs in the country at all levels of paddling. See the article on our club history here for how it all started.

We generally are a friendly bunch, and most of us know what it feels like to start a new sport in a round-bottomed, needly contraption that just does not want you to be in it and takes every opportunity to turf you out, holding paddles that in the beginning seem to be your enemy rather than your friend. Then suddenly it all comes together, and you’re hooked. The rest of us know what it means to be the all-important “second” who functions as driver, provider of sustenance (and a dry towel) and listener to the war stories of the latest canoeing experience.

We have great facilities, including club boats and paddles for you to try your hand, boathouses, top-notch ablutions, a bar, and an enclosed braai room complete with pool table. Our time trials are held on Wednesday nights from March to September, after which food, drink and good company are available in abundance (even if you didn’t paddle the time trial).

Talk to any paddler at any level and they will inspire you to come and join the fun. The Milnerton lagoon serves as a training platform for adventures in other places – be it to enjoy the calm flat waters of our country’s beautiful dams, lagoons and lakes, or to experience the adrenaline rushes that our rivers bring.

MCC would love to help you to get started. See you there.

Contact Us:
PO Box 484, Milnerton, Western Province, South Africa, 7435